Additional services

Become a member of Π55 and join a community of changemakers. Enjoy the virtues of “belonging” and the excitement of having your “office for the day” -or month- in the heart of Athens.

Additional services for members include
  • 24/7 access
    Working hours are relevant. 24/7 access is available upon request
  • Fiscal address
    Available for over 6 months agreement
  • Administrative support
    Π55’s experts available for personal administration upon request
  • Printers
    Use your code to print or scan
  • Entrance signage
    Expand your brand’s visibility with signage on Π55’s door
  • Bicycle / Electric scooter parking booking
    Ensure your daily or monthly parking space
  • Changing rooms & showers
    Enjoy a full-amenity shower service and changing room to prepare for work (not accessible to people with disabilities)
  • Fob
    Electrical key (fob) that gives you access if you don’t want to be phone/app-dependant
  • Parking
    Book your parking space at Panellinio Athens Experience Car Services / Garage within a 2-minute walk
  • IT services
    Contact Π55’s team to discuss your needs
  • Extra lockers
    Small lockers for extra items and luggage lockers in case you travel before or after your visit to Π55
  • Courier services
    Send your parcel quickly and easily from Π55
  • Telephony solutions
    Private line available upon request
  • Meeting room catering services
    Providing high-quality products, such as beverages (coffee), lunch and snacks to satisfy your meeting’s needs, upon request

More services


Grab your coffee from the cafe, open your laptop, adjust your seat, and welcome the coworker next to you. Look outside the office window. Feel the neighbourhood. A coworking space at the intersection of past, present and future.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

A promotion of up to 15% discount per service is currently in effect. The booking system reflects the discounted prices.


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Π55 cafe

Start your day with a coffee, have a nourishing lunch break between your tasks, or meet with friends for an afternoon aperitif. The Π55 cafe will be your refuge for the day.

Experience more than just a café. This coworking hub offers a welcoming community for networking, brainstorming, socializing, or simply relaxing with a great cup of coffee or wine. Access is easy with our booking system and passes are available for those who want to work or take a quick break.

Π55 cafe

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Meeting rooms

Pull up a chair. Gather around the meeting table. Join a brainstorming session, present an idea, and strengthen your network. Six meeting rooms made entirely of frameless glass await you and your partners.

Meeting rooms

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Virtual Office

How about your business, having a mail address where philosophy and innovation were born?

Enjoy the benefits of a prestigious business address right in the centre of Athens, at the iconic building of Π55, while you are anywhere in the world. With the Virtual Office, you get mail handling by Π55’s dedicated team and one meeting-room hour per day when you are in town.

€ 78 (VAT included)

Virtual Office

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